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Second Round Launches Version 2.0 of its Debt Settlement Smart Pairing Alliance Program

Released February 2, 2012

Second Round launched Version 2.0 of its debt settlement Smart Pairing Alliance (SPA) program today. Version 2.0 will enable Second Round to continue providing the best in class service to creditors and debt buyers.

Version 2.0 introduces

Joseph Duarte noted: “We continue to increase the efficiency and the security of our program in order to provide a convenient solution for the consumer, the debt settlement company, and for the creditor. The SPA program distinguishes itself by recognizing that the first creditor to settle has the advantage.”

Second Round utilizes cutting-edge technology to streamline the process of data exchange between debt holder and debt settlement companies. This allows rapid identification of the enrolled consumers and quick return of revenue to the client. This translates to lower operational costs, reduced legal exposure, and expedited and improved liquidation rates.

Portfolio evaluation and matching services are offered at zero cost to clients; recovery costs are on a contingency-only basis. As the industry leader in debt settlement management, Second Round’s SPA program has returned the greatest liquidation rates at less than half the cost of competitors or traditional agencies.

Second Round LP is a full service account receivables management firm founded by industry veterans Joseph Duarte (COO) and Larry Vasbinder (CEO). To contact Second Round for more information on its Smart Pairing Alliance Program, email or contact us directly at 512-448-2600.